The value of Sharks & Lions Caribbean
  • More than a business partner
  • Reliable: does what she says, says what she does
  • Capable of achieving results quickly and building a strong foundation for the future
  • Strong Analytical and strategical skills, but also a practical thinker
  • 18+ years of experience in a variety of commercial organizations and non-profit foundations
  • Expertise in change management
  • International management experience in Russia, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Poland, Mexico and Curaçao
  • Experience in different sectors such as Banking, Events, Agriculture, Health and Sports industry
  • Fun to work with and a refreshing, inventive, innovative spirit with strong communication skills
  • Wendy Voermans, Owner & Consultant
    My slogan: raise the bar! I’m driven to achieve maximum results for your organization. As an experienced leader and coach with an international background including management, sales and hospitality, I deliver positive change that improves your top and bottom line. My strong analytical and communication skills combined with my people management skills develops you and your team and leads you to new heights and profitability. See my LinkedIn Profile for more information.


    “Wendy is the example of a true leader! She is very involved, knows how to motivate people and has special quality to make a special connection with her people. … Wendy is a real professional who is result driven and able to achieve it! …”

    Martine Boer, Agile Coach, ING Bank

    “Wendy is a true motivator and professional. She has great management skills, which enable her to stimulate personal growth of the people she is managing and working with. …”

    Jeroen Donders, Lid Centrale Directie Het Hooghuis

    “… She easily combines a keen eye for commercial opportunities with great people management skills. …”

    Robert Geerken, HR Manager at GoodHabitz

    “… She has a great attention to detail. Very strong analytical skills. …”

    Rob Haest, Commercieel Manager, Veldsink Advies

    “… goal oriented, result driven and hard working. She easily identifies problems and knows how to solve them efficiently. …”

    Ineke Nouwens, Manager Marktmanagement, Marketing, Communicatie & PR at ABAB Accountants en Adviseurs

    “… Situational leadership in all aspects. …”

    Peter Janssen, Regional Advice Lead at ING

    ".... We will definitely recommend her services to any client that needs additional help when planning a larger event/project. And therefore of course look forward to doing business with her again in the near future."

    Zatessa Gonzalez, Conference & Banqueting Coordinator at Avila Beach Hotel